Monday, November 21, 2011

Ideal Meal - a Fun Thanksgiving Poem

A Thanksgiving poem - for fun!

Ideal Meal
The Thanksgiving turkey
Tasted like jerky
With lumpy potatoes
And sour tomatoes
The dressing too sodden and moist.

The rolls didn’t rise
And Mama’s sweet pies
Were bitter to taste
Gooey as paste
But in spite of it all, we rejoiced.

We thanked God above
For His bountiful love
For freedom to meet
And for food to eat
Taking time to tell God how we feel.

For even though dinner
Wasn’t a winner
We all overlook
That Mama can’t cook.
Thanksgiving is more than a meal.

© 2008 Donna J. Shepherd

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Great Escape

pain and weakness abide
side by side
within my feeble frame.

my spirit cries out,
chained to this earthen vessel.

each day my soul yearns to escape
from the confines of this prison
we call flesh.

every heartbeat brings me closer
to my emancipation.

bars of bone hold me captive
until my time has come
when my Lord calls me home.

Then I’ll shed this mortal dwelling,
and escape these earthly bounds.

to dwell in His presence
in perfect peace

Donna J. Shepherd © 2005